Experience Gaming Comfort with Our VR Headset Strap

Our VR headset strap is designed to provide exceptional gaming comfort. Its premium quality construction, long battery life, and customizable RGB light make it the perfect accessory for immersive VR experiences.


Enjoy extended gaming sessions with the 8000mAh lithium polymer battery pack.


Personalize your VR headset strap with the RGB light, choosing from a range of colors.

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Experience Gaming Comfort Like Never Before with Our VR Headset Strap

Our VR headset strap is designed to provide improved comfort, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions and an enhanced gaming experience. Made with premium quality plastic, it offers a perfect fit and ensures maximum comfort for extended periods of play.

Improved Comfort

Experience gaming like never before with our VR headset strap, providing improved comfort for longer gaming sessions.

Enhanced Experience

Take your gaming experience to the next level with our VR headset strap, offering an enhanced gaming experience.

More Features

Color Options Available:

Choose from white, pink, blue, or black to match your style.

Battery Capacity:

Equipped with an 8000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack for extended gaming sessions.

Premium Quality Materials:

Crafted with premium quality plastic for optimal durability and comfort.

Upgrade Your VR Experience with Zinech

Attaching the Zinech VR headset strap is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps to enjoy a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience. The battery pack and RGB lights add an extra level of functionality and style.

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Easy Strap Attachment, Enhanced Functionality

Step 1: Align the strap connectors with the designated slots on the VR headset.

Step 2: Gently push the connectors into the slots until they click into place.

Step 3: Adjust the strap length to fit your head comfortably.

Step 4: Secure the strap by tightening the buckle.

Step 5: Enjoy a secure and comfortable VR gaming experience with the Zinech VR headset strap.

Long-lasting Battery and Vibrant RGB Lights

The 8000 MAh battery pack ensures long hours of uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Premium Quality and Ultimate Gaming Comfort

The RGB lights add a vibrant and customizable touch to your gaming setup.

Upgrade Your VR Gaming Experience Today

Experience comfort, functionality, and style with the Zinech VR headset strap.


What colors are available?

Our VR headset strap is available in white, pink, blue, and black options.

What is the battery capacity?

The VR headset strap features an 8000mAh lithium polymer battery pack.

Does it have RGB lighting?

Yes, our VR headset strap comes with RGB lighting for an enhanced gaming experience.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Absolutely! Our VR headset strap is made with premium quality plastic and provides great gaming comfort.

What is the warranty?

We offer a standard warranty for our VR headset strap. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

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