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A Message from the founder of ZINECH

 To Zinech Community,

I know that as author for this website I have not fully introduced myself yet. I would love to remain anonymous, however, I believe in people and what they create. My name is Metongnon, I believed this name to be potentially the only one in the US so far.

I come from a modest background and have been living in the US legally since 2018. I have a dream that I believe strongly will come true one day. I have been in business for myself within the few previous years.

I work full-time. The social entrepreneur Boniface Ogunti and 4DX team have collaborated with me in the creation of this website.

I deeply want to thank them for all their efforts. I love the tech industry and I wanted to explore all its benefits. I have decided to get a formal education in networking, security and system administration.

Instead of creating a product from bottom up, I have decided to choose an existing product and try to make it a game changer.

Zinech is brand to give homage to my dear mother and his twin brother for having been present for me since my birth till date.

My aim is to built strong and reliable products for the society.

I have decided to start with something simple, which I took the time to analyse and to improve.

I wanted to bring to my community a better and more reliable version of.

Zinech represents our identity of high quality and trust.

You could easily recognize it with our logo in shape of double triangles facing each other. I aim to give options to my target audience so they can have choice in their selections. I love thinking and bringing new concepts and ideas into the world. I would love the support of my readers in building the next best products that could improve our everyday life. 

I will also be working with Amazon to suggest highly recommended products. Some of these may come with deals while other not.

The recommended products might not be available in our direct store.

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Thanks for your attention,

Metongnon. Founder and CEO of Zinech


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