Best Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop

Need more excitement about your gaming experience? Yes? Okay I may have something that might be of great interest to you. The differents elements that makes this device are as important as the value you will extract from it. The differents aspects that we base our choice on are multiple. First we look into the characteristics of the product; then the quality and reliability of the brand and last the price point of this product.


If you are already an ASUS brand fans, then I don't need to say much. If you are not then stay with me because you may want to keep reading. This is an ASUS Strix G16 with a 16 inch. This size is not the largest screen on the market but it is large enough for a laptop. For the manufacturing date, we option for 2023 is available but we also have the 2024 option for those who love the purchasing updated products. The laptop is equipped with a core i7 CPU that run at a 4.9 GHz, which is a pretty powerful processor. The laptop come with a DDR5-4800MHz 16GB of RAM to ensure the smoothness in between your task as well as your plays. You may decide that later one an upgrade will be required and you will not be wrong. The computer is operation under Windows 11 which is secure and a recent operating system by Microsoft windows. The graphic card is a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 powered at 140W max TGP. For all these processing power, the laptop is designed with a great and intelligent cooling system to ensure maximum usage. The Strix G16 has a thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal. It also as an additional intake fan.

The Strix G16 features a Full HD with 165Hz refresh rate with a sRGB. When You decide to invest in this model you will be getting a free 90-day XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE which will allow you to access more than 100 high-quality games. The remaining surprises will be left at your care.

Let us talk about the price point. The characteristics and the specs of this computer makes it the one of the most affordable and performant laptops out there. However, it will be up to you to decide base on your budget. This laptop has also been elected as an Amazon's choice and has over a thousand rating. This proves that the brand and quality is quite trusted by its users. You can find the ASUS Strix G16 on Amazon. You will also save 5% off PLUS an Amazon Music Offer by deciding to check out this laptop today. That is a free extra saving not to be missed.

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